Hiking Malakoff Diggins


There are approximately 20 miles of trails ranging from .11 miles to 3.29 miles with elevation gains from 13 feet to over 1,000 feet.  A walking stick and plenty of water is recommended.  Temperatures can reach over 100º in the summertime.  Visit us in the park museum to obtain a park trail map.  Dogs are not permitted on certain trails and must be leashed at all times.  Please respect all animal and plant life while you enjoy your hike.


1.28 miles – Gain: +21’ -290’ = -269’
Starts next to the campfire center and ends with a loop around the Blair Lake.  It can also be accessed from the Blair Lake Parking area and the Upper Humbug Trail.  Blair Lake is open during daylight hours for fishing and swimming.  No lifeguard on duty.  Age 16 and older must have a fishing license.


0.21 miles; Gain: +8’ -44’ = -36’
A 5 minute walk from the picnic area to the cemetery, Saint Columciles Catholic Church, and the School House.  The cemetery is still used today.  Please be respectful of its present inhabitants.  View the old church and school through the windows.

DIGGINS LOOP TRAIL  (no dogs or bikes)

2.78 miles; Gain: +208’ -283’ = -75’
The best way to see the interior of the Diggins.  Located one mile west of the townsite.  Can be accessed from the west point overlook, the Hiller tunnel, the main overlook or the cemetery.

HUMBUG CREEK TRAIL  (no bikes)    

2 .72 miles; Gain: +863’ -54’ = -809’
A scenic hike to the South Yuba River where it meets the South Yuba Trail.  Primitive camping is available a short distance from the junction of the Humbug Trail and Yuba River.

MARTIN RANCH TRAIL (no dogs or bikes)

0.45 miles; Gain: +70’ -57’ = +13’
A short hike to the Martin Ranch Home site.  Makes a nice loop hike when combined with the Martin Ranch Road.

MISSOURI BAR TRAIL  (located outside the park boundary)   

1.36 miles – Gain: +0’ -1,127’ = -1,127’
A moderately steep Forest Service maintained trail.  Meets the South Yuba Trail.  Open to bikes, dogs, horses and hikers.


3.29 miles – Gain: +865’ -483’ = +382’
This trail runs along the upper rim of the Diggins.  Open to bikes, dogs, horses and hikers.


0.61 miles – Gain: +0’ -314’ = -314’
Provides access to the cemetery and the town from the campground.  Open to bikes, dogs, horses and hikers.

MAIN OVERLOOK TRAIL  (no dogs or bikes)

0.14 miles – Gain: +56’ -9’ = +47’
Location of the Parks Historic Landmark.  A short walk to the Diggins Loop Trail.

SOUTH YUBA RIVER TRAIL  (located outside park boundaries)  

4.13 miles; Gain: +818’ -903’ = -85’
Runs from the town of Washington to Purdon Crossing.  May be accessed from the Missouri Bar Trail, the Humbug Trail, and several trail heads along Relief Hill Road and North Bloomfield road.  Open to bikes, dogs, horses and hikers.


0.62 miles; Gain: +0’ -318’ = -318’
A nice hike from the campground to North Bloomfield town site where the park office/museum is located in Cummins Hall.  Town tours available.

TUNNEL TRAIL  (no dogs or bikes)   

0.13 miles – Gain: +0’ -51’ = -51’
Runs from North Bloomfield Road into the Diggins.  Hikers have the choice of going over the top or through the Hiller Tunnel.  Water flow in the tunnel is subject to change with the seasons and weather.  You’ll need a flashlight and water shoes if you go through the tunnel.

UPPER HUMBUG TRAIL  (no dogs or bikes)  

0.56 miles; Gain: +188’ -0 = +188’
Shaded hike along the Humbug Creek to the Blair Trail.  There are two unbridged crossing of Humbug Creek.  Trail forks to Blair Lake or continues to North Bloomfield Road and a short walk to  the camground.

WEST OVERLOOK TRAIL  (no dogs or bikes)  

0.11 miles; Gain: +5’ -24’ = -19’
Short trail access to the Diggins Loop Trail and the monitor display.